AL-MURUJ is totally committed to a policy of prevention, reduction and elimination of all undesired events that could or do result in loss.

To protect the interest of AL-MURUJ and its client at all times and to eliminate using materials that have undesirable environmental side effects, AL-MURUJ has embarked on a safety and environmental program which will encompass all sections and areas of AL-MURUJ’s operations.

The specific objectives of this program are:
   • Environmental consideration to be a part of the decision making process.
   • Pollution prevention and compliance with environmental regulations.
   • Prevention of accidents to persons.
   • Prompt accident notification, investigation and reporting.
   • The establishment and maintenance of a safe, healthy and productive working environment.
   • Protection of property, equipment and material from all downgrading incidents.

It is vital that all employees commit themselves to the attainment of these objectives by ensuring that every task is done safely and in accordance with AL-MURUJ standards and managerial instructions.

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